Bloganuary, two days

Once again I’m a day late and a dollar short, but here’s a makeup. Yesterday’s prompt was “What is a superpower you’d love to have?”

This was a no-brainer: Restore my husband and granddaughter to perfect health. Make the Parkinson’s and the granddaughter’s bundle of problems (today it’s another migraine) disappear. As they say at Servpro: “Like it never even happened.”

Today’s prompt is “What book is next on your reading list?” When I finish Bill Bryson’s “The Body,” I have another Bill Bryson, “Neither Here nor There,” and someday I may actually read all of his books, a way to learn and laugh at the same time! His brick I have yet to read is “A Short History of Nearly Everything.” Anyway, “The Body” is a library book, so when I finish that my next choice was recommended by Laurie Graves, blogger at “From the Hinterlands.” It’s called “The Path: A One-mile Walk through the Universe,” by Chet Raymo. It’s just my kind of reading, and I can see it as a good bedside book. I have also ordered, and am looking forward to reading, “Godless for God’s Sake: Nontheism in Contemporary Quakerism,” edited by David Boulton. Part of the introductory essay was read at our Sunday Zoom church service. I found it absolutely fascinating and immediately ordered the book!

Not to mention the ever-growing, never-shrinking pile of to-read books on a shelf in the living room. Happiness is a pile of unread books, in my opinion.

Image today is just a beautiful sky, shot on a dog walk, something that keeps me sane (the dog and the walks).

Sky near sunset, Elm Creek Park, January 2022


2 responses to “Bloganuary, two days”

  1. Laurie Graves says :

    Beautiful picture of the sky! Hope you enjoy “The Path” as much as I did. And you’re right. It is perfect for night time reading.

  2. wigginswordsandimages says :

    Thanks, Laurie. Still slogging through “The Body,” but it’s due 2/1, incentive to get through it. It’s actually not a slog because Bill Bryson’s books are fascinating.

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