Round ’em Up

Part 1: Why We’re Moving

We’re heading west. After 35 years (me) and 26 years (Gary) in Austin, we’re ready for a change. We have loved living here, but now that we have the granddaughter living with us, we’re feeling a little crowded. The Austin real estate market is so hot that we couldn’t buy a bigger place for what we’ll get for the condo. Chloe will be going into fifth grade, the last opportunity for her to develop a cohort before hitting dreaded middle school. After talking about it for several years, considering other locations–for a while we were set on Fayetteville, Arkansas–and a few trips, we recently decided to sell the condo and look for a new home in the Hill Country.

There are many things I’ll miss, but first here’s what I won’t miss:

  • Traffic
  • SXSW (see above)
  • ACL Festival (ditto)
  • Republic of Texas Biker Rally (ditto)
  • So many interesting things to do: probably sold out, where to park, too crowded. (We used to love going to the Kite Festival, but haven’t gone for years because it got too hard to get there and back.)
  • Did I mention traffic? The two main north-south arteries, MoPac and I-35, are parking lots much of the day.

Just a typical day on I-35 through downtown Austin

Some of the many things I will miss:

Beautiful artwork of a Thunderbird, all cut paper, made by Kelly Guerra.

  • Stacy Parks (Little and Big) and the Blunn Creek Greenbelt, where Junior and I walk every morning after dropping Chloe off, and all the friends I’ve made (human and furry) while walking Junior

    Junior enjoying the creek.


  • Our beautiful condo community–good neighbors, quiet surroundings, pool, hot tub, our fabulous handyman Chris
  • Our First UU Church of Austin community–but we will be back to visit often
  • Friends–but we’ll stay in touch and welcome visitors when we’re settled
  • Great restaurants, but they have them where we’re going
  • Blanton Art Museum
  • Zilker Park and Barton Springs (but we’ll have the Guadalupe River!)
  • South Austin Community Acupuncture–I can’t say enough about how much acupuncture has helped me. It’s been for my body what Prozac is for my psyche. But I can’t make the trip every week.
  • Dentist, doctor, chiropractor–but we may come back, at least at first. Especially Dr. Jerel Wottrich at First Chiropractic.
  • My fabulous computer guy, Tom Adams
  • Doug at Massage Harmony Westgate. I still have three or four in my series and hope to use them all up! (If not, some lucky person may get a gift.)
  • KMFA and KUT radio, but I can still listen online
  • Not my hair stylist, the amazing Cesar Perez, because I plan to keep him. He told me he has other clients in the Hill Country. I’ll make a day of it, have lunch, do some shopping, see friends and get a trim.

Next, Part 2: Where We’re Going and Why



3 responses to “Round ’em Up”

  1. Lindy Le Coq says :

    So hard to move! I admire your pluck and fortitude, Jill!

    • wigginswordsandimages says :

      It’s the last big adventure! I’m grateful I’m feeling vigorous enough and excited enough to do it. But I told our real estate agent I hope to live in the new house the rest of my life. I’ve lost count, but I’ve moved at least 25 times in my life, so I’m fairly good at it. But we’ve been in this place for 18 years, and we’ve accumulated a LOT of stuff, plus the 10-year-old granddaughter.

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