News Flash!

I still read the newspaper every day. Maybe it’s another sign I’m getting old, but even with electronic access through our subscription, I don’t like reading it on a device.

clouds and sun

It’s not that our local rag is so great–it’s our only local daily. (If I subscribed to the New York Times I wouldn’t get anything else done all morning.)

Here are some reasons I stick with pulp:

  • Whether online or on paper, the depth and breadth of news coverage in a daily newspaper is far superior to other news outlets, whether they’re network or cable TV, radio, or online.
  • I strongly believe I’m better informed by reading long news stories, editorials, and op-eds than are people who get their news from other sources.
  • I like the features, recipes, entertainment and local coverage. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t read about someone I know in the Life or Metro section, partly because of my former work in public information.
  • The comics and puzzles are “dessert” at the end, especially doing a crossword puzzle with good ol’ pencil and paper.
  • What do people who don’t get a paper do for wrapping garbage, putting on the floor for messy projects and the like? Whatever happened to the “fish wrap” page?

Finally, there are “garbage moments,” when you stand in awe on a starlit night while taking out the garbage. And there are morning newspaper moments: sunrise; sometimes the moon and Venus in the Eastern sky; birds, breezes, a fresh fall chill or even welcome rain.

One recent morning as I went out to get the paper, I saw a tiny yellow and black butterfly. As I stood quietly watching it, I was entranced by a small flock of them, nearly transparent lemon-yellow, flitting against a brilliant blue October sky.

Try that on an iPad.

yellow butterfly





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