Gamma Gramma

This is my “off” week with grandchildren. We had Chloe all last week, and her cousin Bryan, 11, for a couple of days. We went to Hamilton Pool, one of those iconic Texas swimming holes that’s been loved to death. We had to wait an hour and a half just to get IN, in the hot car. The kids were more patient than I was. Even with limited admissions it was very crowded,  and the water is murkier than I remember. But the kids had fun and I don’t ever plan to go back.

Crowds at Hamilton Pool

Crowds at Hamilton Pool

I love these two "babes.'

I love these two “babes.’












Later they had a good time in the condo pool.

Inventing wrong ways to use a toy

Inventing wrong ways to use a toy…

... and enjoying it the right way.

… and enjoying it the right way, sort of.











In the morning they made yarn harnesses for Chloe’s stuffed lamb and Bryan’s stuffed manatee (named, of course, “Manny”) and bungee jumped them over the loft railing. They also got into the costumes and came down one time as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Next time Bryan wore the scary “Fly” costume and Chloe was a little devil, with red horns and tail. (This stuff has become so “normal” that I forget to take pictures. We’re taking them both to the coast later this month. I will take lots of pictures!)

When Chloe is here we do a lot of art. She wanted to do a big painting, so I gave her an 18×24 piece of poster board, a palette with acrylic paints she picked out, then spread a plastic table cloth on the floor and let her have at it. Even the palette and the water containers were pretty.

Even the water is pretty...

Even the water is pretty…

... and the palette (which I dried and kept).

… and the palette (which I dried and kept).













Showing off her work.

Showing off her work.


The result.

The result.













We also have fun with Lammy, who has appeared on these pages in the past. Lammy lives with us now, and she seems like a member of the family. Chloe likes to pick leaves from the patio herb garden to feed her (“ivy,” from the song Mairzy Doats). She made a chart of Lammy’s day.

Lammy's flowchart

Lammy’s flowchart










One morning she told me she dreamed Lammy tapped her on the shoulder and told her to wake up Grandma. Lammy was alive! We unzipped her back zipper (Lammy is a Scentsy, so she has a cinnamon pouch in her back), and found she had a beating heart, lungs and other organs. I nearly wept. Am I maybe just a bit too attached to that lamb?

The last night of her visit her mom dropped off their dog, Stella. I told her it was like having two Chloes–two sweet, crazy, rambunctious blond puppies. Her mom calls herself the Alpha Female. I briefly explained to Chloe the meaning of using the Greek alphabet, and said she must be the Beta. Later I realized that makes me the Gamma Gramma!


Who's the alpha?

Who’s the alpha now?


Lammy in her spot on the sofa, awaiting Chloe's return

Lammy in her spot on the sofa, awaiting Chloe’s return




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2 responses to “Gamma Gramma”

  1. Diane Huska says :

    The Lammy flowchart is about the coolest thing I’ve heard her do, to date….flow charts?

  2. wigginswordsandimages says :

    Especially the “groe up” part, the “poop” part and several references to eating!

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