A Makover Four Years in the Making

My first retirement project was redecorating our bedroom. It was a dusty pink with a pink-lilac-blue color scheme—very girly. Wanting to lighten the look, we went for blue and green, with a little beige and gold, painting the walls pale blue. I love that it’s peaceful yet light and bright.

In 2012 we replaced the dark blue carpet with laminate, mostly because of allergies.

Still, it wasn’t quite right. I had painted my ancient, shabby dresser (from my first marriage) white, a mismatch with the rest of the heavy oak furniture (from Gary’s first marriage). Last fall I realized it was the white I liked, and set out to find white bedroom furniture—harder than it sounds, especially for a non-shopper.

Heavy and masculine

Too dark and heavy

I started with an online company, found a set I liked at the right price and ordered it. First delivery you could hear the mirror glass tinkling, and there was other damage, so I refused the order and told them I’d give it one more try. Second delivery was the same, so I canceled the order (and got a $150 credit, which I used both wisely and frivolously—nice compensation for the double disruption). How does the company stay in business when it can’t get shippers to not break their wares?

Once I went into an actual store and found a set I liked, but it was much more than I wanted to spend, so back to online, this time with companies that have actual stores.

I found what I liked at Rooms to Go. Even though this set was not available to examine in a local store, I took a chance and ordered it, at about the same cost as the original online order.

This time it was perfect: the delivery people were professional, polite, conscientious and competent, and the results are just what I wanted. We sold the old set (giving the white dresser away) on Craig’s list, just about covering the delivery charge.Bed new long view

I bought some gorgeous tropical print and solid blue fabric and made matching runners and a pillow. The headboard is a little too tall for the painting, but neither can be changed, and the painting shows through the open lattice (which is optional; there are panels to fill in the lattice but I prefer it open).

Nightstand w runner

Bed, dresser

I love the light, airy, beachy look. Four years later, I am totally happy with the room now. If only I could find time to enjoy the reading corner!




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