Seventh Summer: God Chuckles

You know what they say about making plans: God laughed at our Krause Springs plans. On Wednesday, Chloe fell against the handlebars of her bike and had five stitches in her chin. She’s not allowed to swim until the stitches come out, probably Monday.

Waiting for the stitches

Waiting for the stitches



So we revised our “plans” and decided we’d go to the local fireworks. In the meantime we  had an afternoon to fill. Last Sunday at church was “solar Sunday,” and Chloe had instructions for making solar s’mores. She had cadged a pizza box from somewhere and I put together the rest of the materials: foil, clear plastic, tape, black paper, a craft knife, plus graham crackers, marshmallows and Dove Promises).

Solar smores

Solar smores

Campfire s’mores have nothing to worry about. The chocolate melted okay but instead of that crusty black char covering molten lava, the marshmallows were merely a little warm.

There were people at the pool and Chloe wanted to go check it out even though she knew she wasn’t allowed to swim.

Sulking because she can't swim

Sulking because she can’t swim

She asked if she could put on her bathing suit and wade. The people were very nice and offered her their floats, but it wasn’t the same.

We tried to take a nap, which wound her up. Fortunately, our next door neighbor was cooking out and invited us to bring drinks and throw something on the grill, a pleasant diversion with good company. Chloe had a much-needed bath and we caught the bus for downtown–the wisest decision we made all day. Traffic was horrible. Even though the bus was crowded and Chloe sat on my lap both ways, it was better than driving and trying to park. The woman on stilts fascinated Chloe but she wouldn’t go near her.

At the fireworks, hiding her stitches from the camera

At the fireworks, hiding her stitches from the camera

stiltwalker at fireworks

We kept her overnight and after breakfast she staged a show, a retelling the great myths of the battle between good and evil. My feng shui array animals on the hearth, including dragons, giraffes, frogs, lizards, a tiny bull, birds and assorted sea creatures, were the combatants.


Chloe laid out turquoise and green cloth and deemed the dragons the evil forces. One blue fish was the “fish of harmony,” and the paper cranes were the peace birds. After evil forces were defeated, the sun (the pink scarf) set  on the animals witnessing the epic events.



Sea creatures of harmony

Sea creatures of harmony

River and sea story 2

Crane of peace

Crane of peace

Animals watching the battle. Tiger is the guard.

Animals watching the battle. Tiger is the guard.

The sun sets on the animals

The sun sets on the animals

Wounded and defeated dragon.

Wounded and defeated dragon.

I was so enthralled I had a hard time tearing myself away to get ready for a dentist appointment.

At her house her mother surprised her with a new “art wall” in her room.

Artist's gallery, aka Chloe's room

Artist’s gallery, aka Chloe’s room

We are tentatively “planning” to take Chloe and her cousin Bryan to Krause Springs on Tuesday, if the doctor approves.


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3 responses to “Seventh Summer: God Chuckles”

  1. Jane says :

    I loved reading this and sharing this time with you and Chloe.

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