Seventh Summer, Day 4

Once again, I miscalculated. We had a mostly great day, stopping at the grocery store for ingredients for our favorite meal (every kid’s favorite meal, but Gramma’s is special) macaroni and cheese. We also got a few more items for the test kitchen, and Chloe made some interesting concoctions:

Cherry tarts

Cherry tarts

Shaving Cream
Jello (for color–it’s cheaper than food coloring)
maraschino cherries (these are real–a jar had been in the pantry so long I donated them to the cause)

With the Jello and shaving cream, the yard smells really nice.

She also used bark from the crape myrtle for “cinnamon bark” and made a “tiger.”

The tiger cake

The tiger cake

While I watched, a spider dropped down in front of me and danced around on its silk thread. I told Chloe I felt like Miss Muffet. She said it reminded her of the dancers in the Sky Candy show we saw last year. I was amazed she remembered.

We had a nice afternoon swim. After dinner, while we took a walk, a neighbor came out to the pool and Chloe asked if she could swim again. I said ok, for just half an hour. Of course a half hour became 45 minutes and by then it was 7:45, and getting her out of the pool, dry, dressed and home was an ordeal. When I got her home I told her mom she needed to go straight to bed.

If you wonder why I’m blogging in such detail about the summer with Chloe, there are a couple of reasons:

  • When I know I’m going to write about something I am more mindful and pay better attention to little details. It’s like when I listen to a sermon or a talk I’m going to have to summarize for someone else I make better mental notes. When I first started taking care of Chloe, I took a lot of notes that I intended to write up as “My Chloe Year.” But I wasn’t blogging then so they still sit on my computer as raw notes.
  • It allows me to take pictures and notes while I’m with her, although the ruse is that I’m a “photojournalist” doing a piece on the world’s greatest chef. She often decrees “no phones,” and I usually shoot pictures with the phone, so I use the “news” angle to allow me to have the phone. But I am glad young children complain about grownups’ constantly having their faces stuck on their phones, so once I’m done shooting I put it away.
The world's greatest chef at work

The world’s greatest chef at work


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