Poem of the Fortnight

This poem really shows the power of a critiquing group. When I took the original poem to my group I told them I really wasn’t sure what it was about. After the critique (with additional suggestions from a close poet friend who was visiting from out of town), it now seems clear it’s about how protective I am of my granddaughter. Since Lammy is lost I don’t have a picture of her, and I don’t draw too well from memory, but this is my best shot. When she is found I’ll post a photo of her. Please be on the lookout for a little chenille-legged lamb.

Lost Lamb


I was afraid we might lose her

on the long car ride to California.

Once at a rest stop

she almost fell out the back door

but I caught her.


Of all the toys that went on the trip with our granddaughter—

two bears, a unicorn, a bumblebee pillow that looks like a hippo

and the panda we brought back from the zoo—

Lammy was my favorite,

with her four floppy chenille legs,

bright black eyes

and sweet expressiveness,

answering my questions

with a nod or shake of her head.


She made it home safely

but when I asked for her to come and visit

my daughter told me she was lost

somewhere in their house.

How could Lammy be lost in her own house?


I tried to help find her

but the bedroom looks like

the back-seat archaeological site

of the car after the trip

and I had to abandon the search, the house.


When she is finally found

I want her to come live with me

so she’ll never be lost again.


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